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Giving Back

As a team, we try to give back at least twice a year. If you know of someone in need of assistance, please email us their story at:

We are looking for stories of hardship where people have the cards stacked against them. We've had great success (with the help of our friends at WCCO) in bringing the community together to support people in need.

We will select a family/individual to help out every 6 months where we will then hold a sale to generate as much money as we can to donate. 

*People selected must be OK with us sharing their story. We will share their story, pictures, and text regarding their situation. 

Previous Causes:

November 2019 - The Braithwaite family as they dealt with Ron (father of 2) suffering a severe stroke. He's ok now!

April 2020 - 100% of profits donated to local hospitals to battle COVID-19